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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Inch by Inch...

Ya'll remember that saying? "Inch by inch, life is a cynch. Yard by yard, it is very very hard."

Seems that was beaten into our heads throughout gradeschool. Anyone else hear that one all through their childhood, too?

But it seems to apply to most things in life... you have to take things as they come. It is always easier to take on a little at a time, instead of biting off more than you can handle all at once.

I can't make Baby J's birthday come tomorrow... but I can enjoy the time between now and then, and celebrate each step that brings us closer to that blessed day.

Such as -- being another centimeter dialated! That's right -- per Dr. N yesterday, I'm now at 4 cm. She was quite pleased, telling me that I'm making this whole 'having a baby' seem easy-greasy (oh, please don't let that jinx me!).

My response to her was that at least some part of this whole baby-makin' experience is coming across as 'easy' for my body.

But who am I kidding?? I am grateful for any tiny little thing that my body can do naturally and normally with all this... I'm grateful for every stinkin' moment of this pregnancy, for every swift kick in the ribs I get from Little Miss Soccer Star in there, for every ache and pain and discomfort... I count it pure JOY that I have been able to experience it at all.

That doesn't make me any less ready to meet her though! While I will certainly miss the feeling of Baby J moving around in my belly, I'm sure I wouldn't trade her being in my arms for anything in the world.

Come on, birth day! Get here already!!


  1. Way to go!!! Seriously, from those of us who are challenged in that area (two days of pitocin and I was still a big fat ZERO...) that is truly impressive. So excited!!! And stalking your blog for her arrival.... =)

  2. Wow!! How are you still up and walking around being at 4 cm?? That just seems so close to being ready to go. So excited for you!! Baby J will be here in no time.

  3. Ahh!! How exciting! Seriously though, at 4cm I was pretty much already in the worst pain of my life. A tab bit jealous still! :) So thrilled for you and cannot wait to meet Baby J!!!

  4. So exciting! Glad to know that even after a difficult start, some things still come easy. I know you can't wait to finally meet your little one!