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Friday, October 22, 2010

From Shower to Shower

Ahh, Friday!

Thank goodness I've made it to yet another weekend... and I am thinking that I'm pretty well-prepared for A's bridal shower tomorrow - despite my disastrous experience (to be shared later) in the kitchen last night! Let's just hope I can do a good enough job cleaning out the oven, so that it won't smoke for me tomorrow, when everyone's at the house and I'm baking the breakfast casserole...

I go from hosting A's shower tomorrow morning, to a 4-hour couples baby shower tomorrow afternoon.

...Am still trying to figure out what exactly could be planned at this shindig to warrant a four-hour time slot. DH, on the other hand, is convinced that the hosts are intentionally trying to torture the male guests.

No further news on my friend G, or her wedding... just confirmation back from her that she'd actually only told me and three others about it. That's only half the number of bridesmaids she has, too... so I'm DEFINITELY keeping my mouth shut (as is DH, and his friend Adam) about it from here on out.

Work has been crazy this week. Currently my dept has 19 potential charitable contributions (or 'gifts') in the works... which is about 3 times the normal number for this time of year. I'm used to 19 or more come November, and definitely by December... but this is atypical for October. I'm hoping that means we're getting some done early, and we won't have near as many smushed into the last 2 weeks of the year... but that's most likely wishful thinking.

My belly is definitely poking out now. No hiding it, at 19 weeks (woohoo!). Though I am proud to say that I can still fit into two pairs of my 'big girl' non-maternity pants... if only for another week or so.

Enjoy the weekend, ladies!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Oh, Bother

This isn't good... not good at all.

I got home yesterday after work, and as we were getting ready to take the pups for a walk, DH starts asking whether I've heard anything more from my friend G, regarding her (potentially cancelled) wedding. I said no.

He then mentions that he'd asked a mutual friend of ours (and G's) from our college days, Adam, whether he'd heard anything about it.

Cue my freak-out.

I immediately laid into him for talking to someone else about it. Based on everything I'd told him (which is not much -- basically everything in my last post reflected the little I know about the situation!), there is NOTHING out there that would suggest that this news is 'public'. I've told him since Sunday evening that I've seen nothing that refers to this on either a) their wedding website, b), or c) in an email or second text out to the wedding party.

As such, my point to him was, if this had happened to us during our wedding planning/engagement, don't you think that I would still be hoping and praying that our fight blows over? That we would reconcile?

I'm still hoping that for her at this point.

Then I asked him to call Adam back and ask him to keep his mouth shut about it, and not to say anything to anyone... at which point DH told me it was too late for that -- that he'd already asked another guy if he'd heard anything about it, or what was going on. Apparently this other guy was in the groom's fraternity pledge class, so Adam thought he might be 'in the know.' ---Not that any of that really matters when you're 8 years out of college, like they are! To assume someone knows something, just because they were in the same pledge class, seems a little ridiculous to me.

And now it's out there. And I am SO not happy with DH about it.

I reiterated the fact to DH that he really had no business asking anyone about it... that until the news was disseminated to the public somehow -- whether via their wedding website, or by an email or phone call to any wedding party members or invitees to the wedding -- that he really should have kept his mouth shut about it. It wasn't our news to tell. And I though I'd made that clear by my continual reiteration of the fact that NOTHING ELSE HAS BEEN STATED ANYWHERE ABOUT IT, at ALL.

You would have thought he would have at least asked if he could say something to A about it -- we had planned on sharing a hotel with A and his wife that weekend and all.

Now I just hate thinking that this could get back to either the groom or to G, that people now know -- I hate to think that DH and I are to blame for that.

In DH's defense -- he feels awful about it, and now sees why he shouldn't have said anything.. or why he should have at least checked about it with me first, before he talked to anyone.

I've always said I love DH despite his mouth -- let's just say this isn't the first time it's gotten him into trouble.

But man...I feel terrible.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I'm officially 18 weeks and counting...less than a week to go before our next u/s, when we find out the gender! I'm so excited. I know it will be hard to wait the four days between our scan on Monday and our "finding out" party that Friday night, but it will be fun to learn the sex with all DH's family and my parents there. Can't WAIT.


On a sad note....I got a random text from my friend G on Sunday -- she's the one getting married December 11th in Philly, whose ginormous bridemaid's dress I had to get in a size 16 due to my baby bump (and just picked up last week). It was pretty shocking --she was letting all the bridesmaids know that her fiancé has called off the wedding... 7 weeks before the big day.

I feel so bad for her - and I HATE that she's so far away. She said she didn't want to talk in her text--and she is famous for drawing herself in and shutting everyone out when things aren't going well (she did the same thing when her mom had a stroke several years ago). And while I understand the need for time, and not wanting to talk about it over and over again -- I HATE feeling so helpless, and not being there to walk through this tough time with her.

And I have absolutely no idea what happened to bring this about. G is impossible to get in touch with -- I've called/emailed/texted for years without getting more than a few responses in a 12 month period... so my expectations of actually hearing anything from her are low, sadly. Another b-maid lives in town that went to college with both of us, so I've sent her an email, asking if G had mentioned any stresses or issues when she was there for the bachelorette weekend a few weeks ago...we'll see if she knows of anything.

I'm also still hoping this will blow over between them... somewhat. They dated for 9 years long-distance before they even lived in the same city, and then got engaged a year later... and during that 9 years LD, it was definitely a roller-coaster ride. He would be all about marriage, and she wouldn't -- then they'd reverse roles, and SHE'd be gung-ho about getting hitched, and he'd be indifferent or unsure. So part of me wonders if this isn't just a 'relapse' into their old behaviors...or if this is really the heart of how he feels. I definitely don't want them to get hitched if either have any real doubts, Lord knows.

DH is, of course, thinking of the money we've already spent towards this... about $450 in airfare, $300 on the b-maid dress, another $100 or so on the bridal shower/bachelorette party...thank goodness we hadn't yet booked our hotel or had the dress altered. Yikes.

But worst of all, I received their wedding invitation in the mail yesterday. I'm betting that a large majority of her invites were sent out already, which means she/he or both will have to make phone calls or send follow-up letters out to everyone, letting them know it's off. ...I can only imagine how painful that would be... talk about pouring salt in an open wound!

My heart just hurts for her. And at this point, all I know to do is pray for her... just wish I was there to give her a big hug, too.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Home, and ready for the weekend

I ended up not going to the conference this week -- per Doctor's orders. I went back on Tuesday morning, and the Doc confirmed that my left ear was still infected, and that flying would "risk rupturing or perforating" my ear drum. -- Not exactly anything I'd like to experience, thank you!

They gave me new meds, and sent me out with a doctor's note for the trip.

My boss, thank goodness, took the news well, and thankfully, agreed with my decision not to go. I could have driven down, but he wasn't too keen on the idea of me driving a)sick, b) on medicine, and c) all by myself... so the decision was final. I stayed home.

And man, am I glad I did! Just the thought of having to do all that laundry and packing up and getting ready wore me out on Tuesday, so it was nice to just go home and relax a bit instead.

My hearing in the left ear is getting a bit better, finally. But it still feels pretty stuffed up. I'm definitely ready for the medicine to do its' magic and to feel normal again!

On a different note, this next week will be busy-busy, starting with the weekend -- I go into full-out preparation mode for my friend A's bridal shower I'm throwing next Saturday...and I've got a ton of stuff to get done for it! Upload songs and make a shower playlist for my I.pod, make sure I have enough silverware for the # of guests (or figure out an alternative), find a red,creme, or black tablecloth to use for the event, finish hemming the new sheers to put in the front bay window, and sew up the side curtains for it, too. Look back over the food items I'd promised to make for it, and see what I can start to prepare earlier in the week.

For our anniversary last month, my gift from DH was to remove the wallpaper in our kitchen and re-paint everything, including the living room it flows into.

I'll give you three guesses on what stage of the project we're still in... And yes, it is FAR from being finished!

Guess I won't count on that being done prior to the shower... (sigh) Oh well. The guests will just have to overlook that.

And paint colors -- man, that is hard for me. I am no good at that sort of thing. We'd been thinking of doing yellow (i know, pretty predictable, but still - it'd be nice!). But last nightas we were walking the pups around the neighborhood, DH asked what color I wanted to paint the cabinets.

Now, here's the deal with the cabinets: they are as old as the house (1970 built), all white, but they show their age. They have scratches, nicks, indentions, etc., all over. To my mind, they could use a good sand-down prior to repainting... and with yellow walls, I'd be fine keeping them white.

But for some reason, DH is totally against this -- both sanding the cabinets, and keeping them white.

To me, this is mind-boggling... due in part to my lack of interior design skills (another color I have to pick out--nooooo!), and due to the fact that it seems so strange to be against sanding down cabinet doors that CLEARLY need it.

I think he's thinking that if we painted the cabinets some other color than white, then we wouldn't need to sand them... but the nicks, scratches, and indentions would still show up -- they wouldn't just 'disappear' or fade into the wood-work magically...

...I have no idea how to handle this one ladies...

And what other colors would look good on cabinets next to pale yellow walls? Any ideas out there, from those with more design skills than I?

Monday, October 11, 2010

Feeling Like a Kid Again

Unfortunately, not for any of the right reasons.

I mean, really, who in the world--except for maybe little kids in grade school--gets an ear infection? --Or, in my case, a double ear infection??

But -- let me back up a sec.

Last week, DH and I were in DC with my family, enjoying our lovely mini-break away from work, touring around all the monuments and endless museuems, soaking up the delightful fall weather -- and trying desparately to keep up with my sister's 3 crazy older kids (13, 10 and 7).

Other than the constant game of "have you seen ____?" / "Is _____ with you guys?" that her kids put us through ('specially the 7 year old -- thanks Cam!), it was great.

The past week or two, I've been sneezing and sniffling a bit in the morning --- not uncommon for me at this time of the year, during the transition between seasons, and when things like goldenrod and other allergens are in full bloom. So the fact that I was still doing so in DC didn't cause me any concern.

Until Tuesday evening, when I started sneezing my head off.

And Wednesday, when I woke up with a sore throat and a left ear that seemed a

We flew home Wednesday mid-morning, and I was fine on the ascent, and fine during the flight. I was NOT fine, however, during the descent.

Let me tell you, I've NEVER been that physically uncomfortable in a plane before. I felt like someone was blowing up a balloon inside my ears (both, by this point), and somehow managing to stick my inner ears with sharp needles, all at once.

By the time we landed, the pain had thankfully dissipated somewhat, but both ears were completely stuffed up, and my hearing was strangely muffled -- everything sounded very distant. It was weird, ya'll.

I'd hoped that the problem would clear up by Thursday morning, in time to go to work, but it had not -- so I headed to the dr that afternoon, only to be told that I had a cold and double-ear infection.

They gave me drugs (clar.itin-D and amox.icillin) and told me it would be better by today. And while yes, I do feel better and my cold is much improved -- my left ear is decidedly NOT better. Still ringing and completely stuffed up.

My real concern -- and the reason why my post may come across as one long whine (another child-like symptom, I guess!) --- is because I leave on Wednesday morning for a work conference in Orlando... which means I'll be flying again. And I'm fearful of repeating the flight experience from last week...I'd rather not go through that again.

Any ideas or home-remedy's that ya'll know of for how to alleviate ear-aches, or clear up a stopped-up ear??