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Monday, October 11, 2010

Feeling Like a Kid Again

Unfortunately, not for any of the right reasons.

I mean, really, who in the world--except for maybe little kids in grade school--gets an ear infection? --Or, in my case, a double ear infection??

But -- let me back up a sec.

Last week, DH and I were in DC with my family, enjoying our lovely mini-break away from work, touring around all the monuments and endless museuems, soaking up the delightful fall weather -- and trying desparately to keep up with my sister's 3 crazy older kids (13, 10 and 7).

Other than the constant game of "have you seen ____?" / "Is _____ with you guys?" that her kids put us through ('specially the 7 year old -- thanks Cam!), it was great.

The past week or two, I've been sneezing and sniffling a bit in the morning --- not uncommon for me at this time of the year, during the transition between seasons, and when things like goldenrod and other allergens are in full bloom. So the fact that I was still doing so in DC didn't cause me any concern.

Until Tuesday evening, when I started sneezing my head off.

And Wednesday, when I woke up with a sore throat and a left ear that seemed a

We flew home Wednesday mid-morning, and I was fine on the ascent, and fine during the flight. I was NOT fine, however, during the descent.

Let me tell you, I've NEVER been that physically uncomfortable in a plane before. I felt like someone was blowing up a balloon inside my ears (both, by this point), and somehow managing to stick my inner ears with sharp needles, all at once.

By the time we landed, the pain had thankfully dissipated somewhat, but both ears were completely stuffed up, and my hearing was strangely muffled -- everything sounded very distant. It was weird, ya'll.

I'd hoped that the problem would clear up by Thursday morning, in time to go to work, but it had not -- so I headed to the dr that afternoon, only to be told that I had a cold and double-ear infection.

They gave me drugs (clar.itin-D and amox.icillin) and told me it would be better by today. And while yes, I do feel better and my cold is much improved -- my left ear is decidedly NOT better. Still ringing and completely stuffed up.

My real concern -- and the reason why my post may come across as one long whine (another child-like symptom, I guess!) --- is because I leave on Wednesday morning for a work conference in Orlando... which means I'll be flying again. And I'm fearful of repeating the flight experience from last week...I'd rather not go through that again.

Any ideas or home-remedy's that ya'll know of for how to alleviate ear-aches, or clear up a stopped-up ear??


  1. i used ear candles a couple of times in high school and college. maybe that will work. but that was more for clearing out the ears of junk?! you can get them at gnc's and other health stores, but they can be costly. other than that, i havent had ear infections. im so sorry you are dealing with all of that!!! warm compresses? do those help? best of luck sweet friend!

  2. Oh no!!! I hope the flight goes OK tomorrow, sorry I have not good home remedies for that :(