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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Big Bellies & Bridesmaids Dresses

Tonight I'm headed into town to get fitted and place my order for the bridesmaids dress I'll be wearing in December, for the wedding of my college best friend.

While I'm very excited for the upcoming nuptials of my friend, I am less than excited about the process (or let's just say guessing-game, or random shot in the dark) that will go down tonight.

How in the world do you estimate what your size will be in four months, at six mos. pregnant?

I know there are women out there who barely even show at that point (which is crazy, and let me go ahead and say now that I know I won't be one of 'em). Then there are the ones that definitely look six mos preggo---or even those who get teased for looking like they're full-term already.

Which will I be, I wonder? ---of the last two, that is.

Do dress shops have any means of helping expectant moms plan for this sort of thing? ...I briefly considered calling one of the Motherhood Maternity stores nearby and asking if they'd let me borrow their 6-mo. fake belly to take with me to the store tonight... but I figure that would be an odd request to make, so... I'm just going to risk it, and hope that these ladies have seen and dealt with far more difficult planning issues than this.

I finally got to share my news with the bride-to-be yesterday, thank goodness. She is the absolute WORST in communicating... If I hear from her more than twice a year, it's a shockingly good year. If she returns a call or emails within 2-4 months of my last stalking campaign (this girl requires comm-stalking by all available modes of communication: email, FB, text, and phone calls), then I practically fall out of my chair in surprise.

Needless to say, I was relieved to hear from her. It wasn't something I'd wanted to share via email...nor did I want to just show up with a big preggo belly at her wedding in December. So I felt much better after we'd had a chance to talk, and she'd reassured me that she still wanted me in her b-maid line up, even if my belly knocks over the girls next to me.

Wish me luck for tonight, ladies! Anyone want to place bets for how many dress sizes up they make me order? 1? 3? 5? ....this could be scary...!


  1. Order big! You can always take in.

  2. they do have bellies to work with... they should anyway. i have seen many pregnant styles... i bet youll measure right on track the entire time. dont worry yourself. :) and yes, order a bit bigger... you can always take in. and dont forget your boobs!!! i was up a size and a half at like 3/4 months! and then 2 sizes by the time she was here!

  3. Yes, they can work around this. When I first started TTC I asked about it as I was sure I would be pregnant. I wasn't. And it was very depressing to have it taken in. But, my point is, they were very able to plan around it.

  4. Just order big and then have it all sized up to fit you perfectly the week before - or as close as you possibly can! yay!!!

  5. I was in a wedding when I was 26 weeks and I believe I ordered 1 size up with extra "pregnant fabric" is what they called it :) Good luck!