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Friday, August 20, 2010

Dress Size (Gasp!) and the Weekend

Soooo... let's just say that the dress shop wasn't as prepared for the 'knocked-up bridesmaid' scenario as I was hoping...

No belly prosthetic or pillows on hand to use as potential estimators of belly growth.

They just measured me as I was, and recommended I order a dress two sizes up from that, since I'll be greater than 5 months at that point.

My normal dress size: 8

My current waist size: 10

My current chest size: 12

So they had me order a dress two sizes greater than my largest measurement.... which means, you guessed it: a 16. DOUBLE my normal size.


And to top it all off -- I had to ask them if there was anything that could be done about increasing the dress length, given a big poochy belly would raise the front of my dress significantly, leaving me showing a lot more leg than I'd like -- or worse. So they ordered an addition 4 inches of length to the dress.

....made me glad I asked!

But at least it's ordered, and now I don't have to really worry about it 'til mid-October, when it arrives.

I'm really hoping and praying that I will be swimming in it... just for my poor pride's sake. :)

On a happier note --- it's Friday! Woohoo! Headed out early this afternoon to see Jack Johnson in concert (love him!), and then get to visit with one of my good friends from college... one of those friends that I'm thankful to say you just grow closer to and love more and more each year, in spite of geographical distance (she's in CO, I'm here in GA).

Hope you all have some fun plans for your weekend, too. Enjoy it, ladies!


  1. I'm sure once they alter the dress for your body it will be beautiful!!

  2. I think they can't estimate really how you will be carrying, and they'll figure it out when the time comes. Also... just so you know dress sizes run small anyways. My wedding dress was 4 sizes smaller than my normal size. :)And it's not like YOU will be bigger! ;)