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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Wedding and a mini-Panic

…not by the bride or groom, thank God…

This weekend was my baby brother’s wedding… He’s officially a married man. (crazy!) The whole thing was absolutely beautiful, as was the bride. Everything went off perfectly (at least to my knowledge)---with the exception of the slight, muffled sound of my 5-week old nephew, Liam, crying in the “quiet” room in the back of the sanctuary during the ceremony… poor little guy had just about had it with all the commotion and people that he’d endured for two days… But for a wedding, that’s small potatoes to what could potentially go wrong, right? Thankfully, nothing else did, and it was a blast!

The bride’s prayers were answered—there was no rain on Saturday. What she did get, however, was heat and high humidity instead. It was an OVEN outside ya’ll… thank goodness the wedding & reception were both indoors. This was make-up-melting heat. …And it’s just JUNE. Oh dear…

The mini-panic. Actually, truth be told, this preceded the wedding.

Based on the plan for IVF round #2, I was told to take my last BCP on the 10th of June, which I did. From what I could recall of my previous conversation with my RE nurse, she had told me to “expect to get my period sometime within the following week" of my last BCP...which I thought meant some time between the 10th and the 17th. Umm, I actually started spotting on Tuesday the 8th, and it was full-flow by the 10th---no waiting around for the last BCP to make it official! This completely threw me, and I was a little nervous as to what would come of AF's early appearance.

Now, back in April, me and the DH had a little sit-down with our ER to plan out this next IVF cycle, and had discussed the fact that I would be out of town this weekend, attending my brother’s wedding, and thus would prefer it if I was not in the middle of lots of IVF stuff. At the time, I was told this wouldn’t be a problem--that we could work around it.

Given this, I only brought home the Lup.ron shots that I would be taking each morning…leaving my at home. Apparently, this was a mistake.
When I called the RE office to advise them of my CD-1, they advised me to start taking my stim shots of the next evening – the day of my brother’s wedding.

At that point, I had my mini-panic. I didn’t have my meds with me, I had specifically talked to them about avoiding having to take shots in the middle of my brother’s wedding reception, I didn’t have my meds with me—did I say that already?? …and then started panicking that I was already screwing up this whole month’s cycle because I hadn’t brought them, and oh my.

The nurse had to go consult my dear Dr about it, and call me back. Did I mention yet that a) we were packing up to leave my house, to go to the hotel and then straight on to the rehearsal dinner, and b) my parent’s house gets the worst cell phone reception ever? …It’s like they friggin’ live in a cave or something!

So we packed up the car, drove off, and I got a VM ding for a missed call. From the RE office. Telling me that she needed to talk to me, but that the office was closing! Thankfully she was such a sweetheart that she gave me her cell phone number to call, which I promptly did.

In the end, they said I would be able to start my stim shots on Sunday evening—by which time we’d be home, and everything would be fine… (whew)

All that panicking kinda kick-started my system though—it took a few hours for the adrenaline to wear off, and a few days for the nervousness over fearing I’d somehow screwed up this cycle early, to go away.

Today is day 3 of stim shots—112.5 IU of I think the Dr is trying me on a lower dosage this go-round to see if it decreases my chance of over-stimulating…which I did majorly last time (59 mature follies and a E2 of almost 9,000). I hope it works!

Thus far, I feel good. Am trying to decide how long I should try to go about my usual routine and normal exercise… I’ve been enjoying running and zumba classes lately, as well as my DH’s P90X videos, but I’m not sure where the line is between doing enough to keep me sane and overdoing it… I know that I most likely won't feel like or be able to do much of anything though, so I'd like to do as much as I can, while I can. Is that stupid? Do you think I'll regret my exercising if it doesn't go well?

Comments or suggestions welcome!


  1. I think there is LOTS to be said for mental health, so I'd keep a little excersize in there, though maybe more in the form of just walking a bit in the evenings or possibly some yoga or something? Praying for you!

  2. I agree with Jill on continuing to exercise but maybe keeping it to walking/yoga or maybe a little jogging. You definitely don't want to regret over doing it especially if you have a tendency to wonder what you could have done wrong if the cycle were to fail (I always struggled with that!) Love you lots and am praying also!