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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Necessary Distractions

How do ya'll distract yourselves from obsessing on something you're trying desperately to NOT think about??

I am failing miserably in my attempts today... I don't know what it is that's set me off. I had a perfectly good holiday weekend... cleaned up the house, relaxed, even went shopping one day with my MIL (whom I love, thankfully!), grilled out for Memorial Day... and other than one off-hand comment made by another grill-out attendee about how "those women who can't have babies just can't because they're trying too hard"---OTHER than that comment, I had a great, non-obsessed weekend.

Unfortunately, whatever magic I had going on that allowed me to be so blissfully distracted must have died in my sleep last night.

'Cause it is GONE TODAY, ladies!

I am so stinkin' restless, I feel like I could climb the walls in my office. But. Due to the fact that I have a group of internal auditors occupying a near-by office (and also due to the fact that gravity is such a downer and all), I don't think I'll try that anytime soon. Thus, I am left with an unrelenting case of ADD...which I don't technically have. But still. Can. not. focus!

The work sitch isn't really improving any... we found out last week that the ongoing issues with the PFH (for background on the PFH, see this post) were officially being 'escalated' up the flagpole to the head of the company--and the PFH was halted. Indefinitely. --okay, indefinitely 'til we get a response from the company, with acceptable resolutions to our issues and an acceptable revised budget.


The invariable outcome of this 'pause' is, unfortunately, that the project will be extended into 2011... that we will continue through September here, pause once again for our busiest season of the year (fourth quarter), and then reconvene again in late January/early February.

I'm not sure I can handle the PFH beyond 2010. I'm still not sure I can handle it now.

Anyway-- to digress. Given the 'pause' in things, there's a little more room to breathe in all the project-related deadlines. This is good for sanity, and bad for day-dreaming your way through the day. Day dreams lead to obsessing, people!

At home, I usually try distracting myself with good books, a little exercise, walking our pups, a movie or whatever reality-trash-tv is on, you name it. Here at work--well, you can't really go distract yourself with any of those options at your desk, now, can you.

How do you make yourself focus on the work at hand, and distract yourself from whatever issue/crisis/restlessness you might be experiencing?

This girl could use some suggestions.

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  1. So wish I could help you on this one. I think all I did to pass the time was look stuff up on the internet. NOT really a good idea though :) Love you!