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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Transfer Thursday

Got the call this morning... the ET is set for Day 5, Thursday. No time set yet, but will hopefully know more tomorrow.

The nurse didn't have much info for me, other than the development of the embies "looks good" at this point. --I'm grateful to know that much, though I wish they'd expanded a little more...

I'm still in quite a bit of abdominal discomfort from the ER -- is that normal at this point? My poor belly is still so bloated, I feel like I look 3-4 mos. pregnant already. (NOT good when you're not though!) The Darv.ocet they gave me for pain didn't do a lick of good, so I switched over to extra strength ty.len.ol as of Sunday. It's at least helping.

And for those of you looking forward to your first IVF--- let me clarify: it's a discomfort, kinda like dull, achy cramps, with the additional feeling of enlarged ovaries. It's not out-and-out pain. It's not intolerable! Trust me--really really bad cramps are far worse than this.

Just wanted to make sure you all knew that. ...don't want to scare anyone away from future procedures here! :)

In other news, I was informed this morning that the PFH (see post here for explanation) is ramping back up as of July 6th. And if that's not bad enough -- they're wanting all team leads to sign on for "extended hours" during a 2-3 'workshop' phase they're planning for us... Extended hours that would commence a) an hour earlier than my current start time, and b) extend an hour longer than my current end time.

Now, ya'll know I'm not an early-bird. ...'specially sans caffeine, which is taboo right now. And I've emphasized my love for sleep, and lots of it, many times here.

To say that this is not ideal is an understatement.

I desperately, desperately want to back out of this project. I'm worried that the stress of it will have a significant and negative impact on me, and I don't want to risk anything like that during a potential 2ww or even (God willing) early pregnancy.

The question is, can I back out of it now, without risking my job?

I don't know.

And if not -- would I be willing to do so, even if it did?

...That may be my real question---without an answer, at this point...


  1. I didn't have any discomfort after the ER, but you had a ton more eggs than I did. It will probably take a little bit longer for your ovaries to get back to normal.

    Best wishes Thursday!

  2. Yay for Thursday!! That's awesome news, and totally normal to have like zero info. They told me that they don't want to disturb the embryos to check on them too often. And yup, totally normal to be bloated - though I'm sure way more in your case since you had way more than me. I definitely "looked pregnant" for awhile, then went back to normal even when I was pregnant. But it does take awhile. Praying for you!

  3. Sounds like pretty normal side effects to me, especially with a large number of eggs. It takes a little while. The hardest part for me was hiding it at work, I didn't want questions!