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Friday, September 10, 2010


It's now been a week since I finally told my boss our big news... and by now, practically the entire company knows about Baby J.

The telling:

So last Friday, the day kicked off with a 3 hour meeting regarding the PFH (Project From Hell), consisting of me, my boss, and two project workers... As the meeting ended, and my boss and I were making our way back down to our offices on the 5th floor, I was internally panicking... I knew he would once again be swallowed up by a steady stream of meetings for the remainder of the day, so I knew this was my only shot.

With that thought in mind, as we approached his office, I casually brought up the project timeline, asking if our Executive Leadership Team had made any decisions yet whether or not to continue the project through December, our busiest month of the year. My boss went immediately defensive, saying that no such decisions had yet been made, everything was still up in the air, blah blah blah, but that we would certainly be able to "pull together as a team and survive it" if it came to that... At which point I interjected and said "I really hope it doesn't come to that, 'cause I'm not sure I could handle the activity of December, the project, AND being 6 months pregnant all at the same time."

He froze, his eyes got real big, and after a few seconds of shock, finally got out an "are you kidding me?" When I told him I would be 12 weeks as of that Saturday, he just smiled real big, told me how happy he was for me, and kept congratulating me over and over.

Then of course, he asked when I was due. ...Now, ya'll remember when I mentioned that another co-worker of mine, in our tee-tiny department of 7 people, is pregnant with her second and due March 5th?? ...and how nervous I was to tell my boss that I was due a mere 14 days AFTER her?? Yep, and for good reason. When I told him I was due March 19th, you could see the number-crunching going on in his head...all he said was "And M is due when again? March...?" "5th," I said, "...exactly 14 days before me."

"OH, crap," he said, as the realization dawned on him that we would both be going on maternity leave within weeks of each other... for a full 3 months.

Thankfully, he didn't say too much more about it after that... maybe he was restraining himself, to not make me feel too bad about the timing. --As if I had planned that!


Wednesday of last week - September 1st - my mom starts text-stalking me, wondering if she can publicize the news yet... she was apparently just dying to tell her choir friends about it that night. I had to beg and plead with her to give me a few more days, just so I could ensure my boss wouldn't find out about our pregnancy via awful would that have been?


Fast-forward to this week: at our weekly department meeting on Tuesday, I shared the news with everyone, at my boss's request... and again, everyone was pretty happy about it -- 'til they realized how close my and M's due dates are. That received a collective gasp from the group, combined with a "Might as well close down the department!" from one of the guys. ---Sweet of them, but I still think they'll survive.

On Wednesday, we had an in-house training with some of our local affiliates out in the field, for which I had to give a presentation on my area of our department. The Relationship Manager who was facilitating the two-day training interrupts me at one point, saying "...You have a certain glow about you today... is there anything you'd like to share with the group??" -- outing me to the entire room!

So essentially, everyone at my office now knows... my mom has been officially 'unleashed' and is free to share, and it's only a matter of time 'til something crops up on FB.

I'm a little wary of it being on FB.... I just know how painful that was to read when we were deep into treatments, and I don't know if I want to be the cause of anyone else's pain by posting it.

My DH doesn't share my sentiments -- he thinks that we still need to post something, whether it be just pictures or whatever. ...I don't know yet. I'm still torn. Maybe the pain of IF just feels too fresh still to do something that feels almost like a betrayal to my own IF community, whether anonymous or known.

It never really goes away, does it?

Next to share: maternity shopping, ay yi yi!

'Til then -- have a lovely weekend ladies~


  1. yea!!! its in the open, official!!! yea yea yea!!! i didnt put anything on fb until i was 16wks and we knew the gender! when i lost pickle, i had put it on so early... and after i lost it, people we still congratulating me. it was heart wrenching. so i didnt post anything with olivia for a LOOONG time. and i kept a tight reign on my wall quick to delete anything related. anyway. you'll know when its right. :) bless you sweet friend! congrats for being outed!

  2. How fun it must be to share such wonderful news with everyone! I am happy that it all went well.

  3. Yay!! So glad it's out!! I know what you meant about FB...I didn't put anything on there until close to 20 weeks just because I so remember thinking "if I see one more ultrasound picture on FB I'm going to literally throw up"...but then there are lots of people on there who want to be updated, see pics, etc. It's a balance. The biggest thing is that you are sensitive to it and always will be!

  4. I totally agree with Jill. It's hard to know how to handle FB but there are plenty of people who want to hear your news and rejoice with you! It was great seeing your the other day and I'm so, so, so excited for you!!