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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Drat! My Plans Are Foiled Again!

You know that one-on-one meeting I had scheduled with my boss today? The one where I was going to tell him my big news, that DH and I are pregnant after 44 months of TTC?

Yeah, well... so much for all my big plans -- Bossman cancelled my meeting!

The nerve, I tell ya... giving me some lame-o excuse about being "swamped" with work... unbelievable.

............(sub-conscious clearing its' throat at my melodramatics)......

Okay,okay, FINE... so I felt sorry for him -- he did sound really stressed out, and had just come out of a 3.5 hr meeting this morning... poor guy.

But SHOOT, ya'll... it'd be another whole week 'til our next meeting. I'm not sure my belly can hide out that much longer.

Hmmm... guess I'll have to figure out Plan B.


  1. What great news, though! I tried to find your email so I could respond to your comment about my Greenville post but I couldn't. Basically I just said that I can SO see why you would want to move back there...I'd relocate there in a nano second if I had a reason to.