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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Real quick...

I have several posts floating around in my head that I need to just sit down and type out (if I can just force myself to do so after a long work day), but real quick, I just had to post this...

My sister just 'outed' me on FB... as in, posted "My sister is having her first baby in March! Yipeeee!"

Now, while I don't begrudge her the excitement of this land-mark occasion in my family -- she has, after all, been the only producer of grandbabies for my parents for a looong loong time... and they know we've struggled to get here.

However, I am a little peeved that she posted something like this before WE have even done so.

Am I completely off-base in being a little upset by that, or am I just being overly-sensitive about it all?

Anyways... it's out there now, not much I can do about it... (grrr)


  1. Yup. I'd be totally annoyed. Can you say something to her? In sisterly love of course?

  2. I'd be a little upset. It is YOUR news to post. Not her place.

  3. no, you are not off base at all!!! i would be ticked. some people that knew before i announced on fb wrote stuff or posted things so i promptly deleted it, or asked them to take it off. i was very blunt in saying: it is my deal... let me have my moment! :) i hope it works out... i didnt see anything on your page yet though. bless you sweet friend!

  4. Oh I would not be happy at all!