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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Internal Debate

Umm...does anyone know if you count the day of the transfer in your __dp5dt number? Or do you start with the day AFTER?

If the latter, that means I'm 8dp5dt (8 days past 5 day transfer). If the former, then I'm 7dp5dt.

Hmmmm. ...still 4 more days to go, either way you slice it.

Which brings me to my internal debate: to test, or not. POAS, or just wait for the definitive beta test.

I can't decide what to do--or not do, for that matter.

Pros: if I did POAS this weekend (most likely Saturday or Sunday), I would have some idea whether or not this round actually worked. I could potentially see the elusive "pregnant" or a double line in those darn HPT's.

Cons: if I did POAS, I could be facing some MAJOR news---good or reallyreally bad--all by myself. The DH is gone 'til Sunday. I don't know that I could handle that--and whatever the outcome turns out to be, I wouldn't want to share that by phone, after all we've been through. Also, it's not a conclusive test like the beta is -- so what if I get my hopes up OR dashed, and it turns out not to be right?

All I know is that I'm going to try my absolute best to distract myself this weekend...and with the hubby gone, I get to do everything MY way! Make the food I like (ooo, I can almost taste you, thai chicken curry!), window shop to my heart's content (bring it on, Anthro and Banana), and watch all the trash tv and chick flicks I can handle (Letters to Juliet, anyone??).

THAT part of the weekend might be pretty nice!

On other movie notes: amazingly, I've seen several new ones in theaters recently. Shocking, considering the hubs is usually against paying movie ticket prices. He much prefers the cost of our netflix! But I've seen Robin Hood (good--tho it coulda used a tad more heat b/n Cate Blanchett and whatshisface), Eclipse (good! even better than New Moon), and Knight and Day (very good "romantic action comedy," I think they're calling it. Very entertaining). Oh, and Hot Tub Time Machine on DVD... which, before you judge, is actually quite hilarious. Check out the rating it got on Rotten Tomatoes. Seriously. I know--I was completely shocked it was that good. But it is. I DARE you to not appreciate it, any child of the 80's out there.

So that's my quick movie review for you... If you can think of any good ones that I should rent this weekend, let me know. I'm open to suggestions!


  1. See I'm torn. I like the idea of finding out before my hubby and then doing something cute to tell him, like buy a onesie that says Daddy lil guy, or Daddys princess.

    but I also know the pain of going through the negative alone.

    Tough decision.

    And movies- hmmm, theres so many good ones~ have you seen shutter island? date night? new in town?

    those are some of my recent faves.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Good for you for keeping yourself busy this weekend! I think it's much harder waiting during the week when you have to be at work. Weekends, to me, are easier as far as distractions go. My vote is, if you do decide to cheat, wait until DH is home. But then once he's home you're only one day away....Oooh decisions, decisions!!

  3. The big debate. I HAD to POAS...for me, there was no way I could wait and just hear from a phone call. So, that was my decision - but I see both sides. Also, I think you start counting the day after your transfer, but not sure. Praying for you!!

  4. I'd wait. At least until your husband is home!

  5. im never patient so i could never wait. but havent gone through trying like you both are so it might be better to have tht support if it is negative.... but thinking positive, you would be able to do something fun to tell him. although could it possibly show up on a peestick? i thought you had to be 14 days out... so in that case, it might not be worth the heartache because it might show up negative even if it is positive. those things arent so sensitive. either way, let us know sweet friend! :) best of luck. prayers and love your way! :)

  6. I have gotten positive HPT's 6dp5dt...they just end up VERY light. But sometimes that can be too early. And yeah, Jill's right, you start counting the day after transfer.