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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Just so you know...

I hope my last post didn't come across as whine-y or complaining... that really wasn't my intention. I wanted merely to point out a few of the 'symptoms' of pregnancy that I've observed over the past few weeks.

And while some of them aren't always easy, NONE of it merits complaint. Truly, I am delighted to be experiencing any of them.

I wake up each morning, thankful and so very grateful for the days and weeks that have passed thus far, still in disbelief at the fact that I can claim that I am pregnant -- that life can grow within me -- that our hopes and dreams for a baby of our own may one day be realized after all.

At the same time, I know that these days have likely been both good and bad for those continuing through treatments, on a break from treatments, or considering alternatives... Just know that I'm still following along with you & your blogs and keeping you in my prayers.

If I've learned anything on this journey, it's that community and support can make a world of difference...and I certainly don't intend to withhold support and encouragement to others when I have been so deeply blessed by it myself.

Love to you all~


  1. I don’t think there is anything wrong with us IF ladies complaining about being pregnant. (Not that you were.) We have earned the right, haven't we! And pregnancy is rough most of the time. I think you should be able to document this journey however you see fit and if it contains a complaint here or there then so be it!

    I'm happy you are having some symptoms. That is so exciting.

  2. i would have never thought you were complaining! it is fun to see, feel and experience symptoms!!! i loved it every time i threw up! so enjoy it all, observe them all, document them all! love you sweet friend!!!

  3. Pregnancy can be hard no matter how long you've waited for it/ how deeply you've longed for it! I thought the post was funny and totally didn't take it as complaining. I KNOW how grateful you are your little miracle(s)!! Praying for you as you go in tomorrow!