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Thursday, July 1, 2010


Sheeew. It's over.

Round #2 is officially Hallelujah!

The ET was yesterday morning, 9:30. First slight mishap was that I'd neglected to drink enough water... I couldn't remember how much (40 oz, yowzas!), and only drank like 20, so they had to make me chug a few more. Second thing was that my RE was MIA for the first 20 minutes or so. --Turns out he was still seeing a few patients a few floors down, and was running late. But, given the additional water I had to suck down, it all worked out okay.

The embryologist started with a picture of one embryo up on the screen, awaiting us when we got into the room. However, we ended up asking to transfer two embryos, instead of just the one. Our RE wasn't exactly 100% behind the decision, but he did say it was up to us, and he wouldn't object. (I believe his exact words were "don't come running to us at 3 am when the twins are crying or need diapers changed!")

It may not seem significant, but a second embryo increases our chance of pregnancy by about 10-15%. After 4 years of TTC, we're prepared to risk multiples in the hopes of having just ONE to take home... so to us, it was a no-brainer.

...Now, if we can all pray that we don't have any freak embryo-splitting situations here, that would be good... I don't know what I'd do if they both split and we ended up with quads.

Thankfully, that's pretty unlikely. (right God??)

Of all 11 embryos that fertilized, we had 5 very good-to-excellent ones (he didn't give me the grading info on them, and I forgot to ask). The other 6 were a little slower to develop, but they were going to keep them incubating for the next 5 days, and see if any more got to blastocyt levels. If so, they'll freeze them for future use.

The DH was with me the entire time.... other than having various people down in my ladyparts region, which was a tad uncomfortable for him, I think he thought it was all pretty cool. I was glad he got to be there for it...the culmination of all our efforts in this round.

Now, for the pictures!

This first pic is of Emby A -- the big one. This is the first one that they'd selected for us:

This second pic is what we actually transferred... Emby B is on the left, and Emby A is on the right:

Don't they look so cool?? ---Maybe I'm just biased... maybe every gal thinks her own embryos are the most beautiful things ever, I don't know... ;-)

Beta is set for Monday, July 12th, 7:30 am.

Now we wait.

--Oh yeah, before I forget...Funniest part of yesterday's ET experience: when DH referred to the other embies still 'cooking' in the "peachtree dish."

...He didn't even realize that he'd said "peachtree" instead of "petri"...!

Hilarious! Love that man.


  1. yea! congrats to you both for the little ones. and just so you know, i'll help and you CAN call me at 3am with the multiples!!! :) i cant wait to hear next week... praying for you 4 (the little ones too)!!! :)

  2. ps what an amazing way to start of july and the 2nd half of the year. :) yippee!!!

  3. So glad that that part is behind you. Now for the wait, ugh! And yes, I think those are two very good looking embryos :)

  4. YAY!! Looks awesome!! Isn't it surreal to have those pics! Praying for you! And love the story about have to laugh. At our ET we were cracking up about the fact that when they'd open the door to the lab Fergie was blaring...umm..really? I mean, I guess it's their day job and they need good tunes to work to...

  5. Praying for you!! Only a few more days until your Beta!

  6. I've seen quite a few 5 day blasts and I say yours are beautiful! I'm anxious to hear how things go! The 2WW always drives me crazy! Praying for you!